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I’m currently working on an independent study with Anna Nash at the Ann Lennartz Memorial Library at the Audubon Center in Seward Park. I’m going to be focusing most of my information-related blogging on a project blog (, so excuse the lack of presence on this one.

The Boston Public Library

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A Venn Diagram Like You Haven’t Seen

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I found this amazing 7-part Venn Diagram over at Information is Beautiful. The original, interactive version, by can be found by way of its creator, Santiago Ortiz.

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Audio: InfoCamp 2012 Keynote – Marcellus Turner

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SPL’s City Librarian Marcellus Turner was the keynote speaker today at the second InfoCamp I’ve attended in Seattle. You can listen to the inspiring speech via MP3. I think it’s clear he wowed the LIS and UX folks alike.

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An Update on Interning for the Seattle Public Library

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Just a quick update that I have officially finished the first “leg” of my internship with the Seattle Public Library, having worked to essentially fill out XML skeletons for the 2012 podcasts of the library. I think I’ve put in about 8-10 hours a week for the past two weeks working on this. I have no idea how many legs I’ll be working on, but it’s a thrilling adventure thus far!

I’m Back! Let the Second Year of Library School Begin

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Though I didn’t announce it, I did end up taking a break from this blog over the summer, as per advice from one of my peers. I’m excited to be doing more reflection this year, and find time to write in real prose (rather than just aggregate aggregate aggregate!–though aggregation is good!).

One of the best experiences in library work I had over the summer was from the Seattle Aquarium, where I helped catalog the entire collection (over 1,400 items) with just a handful of other volunteers. Here’s a picture of me and the other folks on the last day, when all the work was completed.

In other news, I completed my 6 month stint as a welcome desk volunteer with the Seattle Public Library, which was an amazing experience in learning about the customer service required for library work. SPL also invited me into an internship opportunity where I will be working to create metadata for their podcast collection–very exciting–I’ll be starting that soon. I also began (and continue) cataloging for the Zine Archive and Publishing Project (or ZAPP), under the wing of Violet Ward. I should get some pictures of me in there–I’ll make sure to do so this Wednesday. And as you can imagine, I’ve continued to volunteer as a librarian, tech instructor, researcher, organizer, and cataloger at the Ballard Landmark. Here’s a recent shot (from this month):

Finally (I think!) I put in a single day’s work into volunteering at the People’s Library of Seattle during the week of Seattle Public Library Closures. While my work wasn’t necessarily complex, as all I was doing was greeting and organizing shelves, volunteering there felt like I was important, serving a purpose.

In any case, looking forward, there is still quite a lot of room for figuring out my specialties and focuses. At the moment I’m going for “well-rounded.” I’m hoping to inevitably work for a public library at this point, but I really, really don’t want to leave Seattle. But the potential to do international work is also extremely enticing, to this day.

Library Card Mantra

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Discovered a la “cardigan librarian.”

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