An Introduction



These introductory presentations were recorded for two of my courses.

I suppose I should tell everyone about myself and my background. Well, here we are!

Name: Greg Bem
Username: gbem419
Phone: 207-233-1336

Bio: I moved to Seattle just over a year ago from
Philadelphia. In Philly I had been in the AmeriCorps non-profit City Year as an
educator at Olney High School West. I also worked in bookstores, did some data
entry, and was a deli clerk in the Reading Terminal Market. When not working
insanely long hours, I was involved in poetry development through the Poetic
Arts Performance Project (PAPP) and the New Philadelphia Poets (NPP). I lived
all over the place—West Oak Lane, Fishtown, North Philly, and South Philly near

Let’s backtrack. I grew up in Southern Maine in the town
of Gorham (outside of Portland) and quickly moved to Rhode Island (after an
internship with the FDA) where I attended the small liberal arts school Roger Williams
University in Bristol. I majored in Creative Writing and double-minored in Sociology
and English Literature. While not working, I founded the student literary
magazine and ended up deejaying so much at the student radio station WQRI that
they made me music director. Before moving to Philly I did an internship with
the Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s Intermodal Transit Section. It
was an incredible experience but not enough to keep me around the Ocean State.
I moved to Philly in hopes of living a cheap, urban lifestyle in an artistic

Since moving to Seattle I have been pretty busy. I’ve
volunteered for the literary non-profit SPLAB, the Rainier Valley Food Bank
(which is in my neighborhood, Columbia City), and the Columbia City Library as
a Homework Helper. Last year I tutored a third grader weekly and got involved
in an internship with the Columbia City Business Association’s Marketing
Committee. When I first moved to Seattle I worked at Sea-tac as a bookseller at
the Borders (RIP). I have been working with the call-based advertising company
Marchex (in downtown Seattle) fulltime since April, performing SEM/SEO work for
small-to-medium advertisers. Artistically I have hosted and performed at many
events throughout the city. I started a monthly performance series called the
Breadline that happens every third Wednesday of the month at Vermillion on
Capitol Hill. I recently hosted the Silence and Communication event at Sole
Repair Shop (also on Capitol Hill), and many readings in Columbia City. I
covered Bumbershoot for the magazine PopMatters, started a weekly column with
the website of the Hugo House, and written book reviews for the national
newspaper review Rain Taxi. 

So I am a first-year online MLIS student. Why am I doing
the MLIS program? I want some stability, I love information systems and
educational outreach, and I find the idea of librarianship—traditional and
evolved—beyond exciting. I’m jumping in head-first and find it quite
intimidating to be back in school at this juncture, but I’m ready to take it
on, and collaborate with everyone else in the process. Hit me up if you’re
interested in any of the above! 

Sites & Networks:

Personal Site – For resumes and
contact info.
My Original Blog – I like
to post quirky stuff about my life here.
The Wet Info
– My MLIS experience blog (still in development).
Hugo House
– Read my reviews and interviews here!
The Breadline
– Learn more about a performance series I co-curate!

No Facebook by choice.
No Google+ by choice.
Twitter = unused.

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