Collecting Computer Games

Team G is collecting computer games, a concept I find fascinating even if it does seem a bit obvious, or simple. Maybe coming from the generation that watched games consistently evolve through the rise of the personal computer, maybe that’s what has me hooked.

Of note, there is this post and this one too from the ALA magazine’s blog on the process of collecting games and gaming materials, which offers a fascinating in-depth account of what it takes to achieve success in the project.

If you head over to the ALA Connect site, you can find some wiki-esque primers on what goes into making this project successful. The nitty-gritty, so to speak. You’ve got a classification statement for “good games”, a rationale for collecting games to begin with, and even a system of taxonomy/collection approach (a weird kind of hybrid) on what games are when it comes to genre (the SNARKS system). Every step of the way seems a bit more intriguing than the last, and I’ll be excited to stay up-to-date with how it all works out. Maybe I’ll even find a way to get involved, down the road.

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