Anaheim: Touchdown

Thus begins the travels through the Annual Conference of the American Library Association, here in Anaheim, Sunny California, USA, 2012. I’m here with co-iSchool-student Dylan Flesch, who is sitting across from me in this Fairfield Inn (Marriott) hotel room on his own netbook figuring out his schedule for the next five days of hell, heaven, and purgatory. Well, purgatory, which I would consider the spectacle center that is Disneyland, will be experienced by me in under an hour from the time of this post. I’m not sure what to expect but I’ve decided to go through it alone. Other peers are going to see the landscape of Mickey et al tomorrow, but there’s too much to do tomorrow, too many social events, too much lounging around.

We got in from Seattle around 10AM and they had our room ready immediately. The gate to California had this lovely display:

This hotel, mind you, is literally across the street from the main entrance to Disneyland and Disney Adventure, the parks that bring forth the masses. The room has a “BEST FRIENDS” framed picture on the wall featuring all the major Disney characters. It’s grotesque and comical for us, in a way, but we’re okay. There’s a pool here. And a giant spray-painted Mickey Mouse face on one of the rooftops of the floors below:

Along our adventures we: visited the LEGO store (but made no purchases), scoped out “Downtown Disney,” registered for ALA, noticed the curious lack of birds, the curious heat of LA, the parting of the clouds in the morning and the glorious blue sky in the afternoon/evening. We visited a liquor store and bought superb local brews. We ate lunch for $5.00 at a local Mexican joint on Harbor. We spent 2+ hours in our hotel room making schedules, going through coupons and programs, and sending emails while getting our drink on. It should be noted: I will be going to Disneyland ALONE (on purpose) for approximately 6 hours in approximately 10 minutes to observe spectacle and American consumerism at one of its nodes. It should be noted: I will be meeting up with iSchool students for drinks after that. It should be noted: I’ll be posting whenever possible on latest updates from what is and will be my first Anaheim Convention. There will be plenty of ridiculous pictures as well, I am sure. More details to come. And here, some pictures:

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