Introductions in Anaheim (Disney Vortex and ALA Think Tank)

I don’t have a ton of time to write at the moment, as I’m trying to head with Dylan to the “Unconference,” but here’s briefly what happened yesterday: I visited Disneyland and I went to a Librarian meetup that turned into a rather calm though incredibly important house party experience. Disneyland, mind you, was an amazing experience. I got to see the parades:

I got to live up to my mother’s expectations and meet Mickey Mouse:

I got to go on rides, like Space Mountain:

Among these activities, I also got to experience Fantasmic, Mickey’s “light show” (which kind of surprised me as to how frightening parts of it are), the legendary fireworks display over the castle; I got to eat a chicken skewer at this BBQ place that tasted like mush; I got to see the crowds, wait in the lines, and become sensationalized. If I had more time I’d write more, but reflection will have to come on Tuesday, after everything’s over.

Finally, a note: Dylan and I were wonderfully introduced to the ALA Think Tank crew, this sort of anti- or extra- librarian-types who prefer a more lucid socializing experience as important conference-going experience. They are very active in panels, committees, and groups within ALA, but look at Think Tank as a necessary supplement. I’ll be attending their dance party this evening, and hope to share more. They’ll keep me from going to bed at an early hour, and I’m happy to be in agreement with that.

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